Spin For Healthy Skin (pt. 1)

Being someone who has suffered from acne for years, it has been such a challenge for me to find what ACTUALLY works for my skin. If I could get back all the money I have spent on skin care products I would be rich! I am currently still on my healthy skin care journey but my skin has came such a long way! I wanted to come and share my experience for those who also have problematic skin, or maybe you don’t have problematic skin but want to learn about good products and good skin practices that will help your skin thrive. Well you are in the right place. Not only will I be documenting my skin care journey I will share products, tools, and experience with you. For my first skin care blog I wanted to share one of my favorite items that has contributed to my skin improvement. You may have heard of this product already (seeing how its soo popular). It is the one and only…. ( drum roll )


Vanity Planet’s cleansing, exfoliating, and body brush system

This brush has done wonders for my skin just within the three weeks I have been using it. This system came with multiple brush heads to fit your exfoliating needs. It comes with a cleansing brush, exfoliating brush, pumice stone, and the body brush.


So far I have used the cleansing and the exfoliating brushes. I love the exfoliating brush! It cleanses my skin so well while leaving my skin soft and smooth (and you will see the dirt trust me) I have cleansed with this ONCE after a day in foundation and it removed all the junk with one round. ( I always do two to be sure my pores are fully cleansed ) The bristles are gentle and powerful. It feels really good on my face while cleansing the skin. I also like that the handle itself does not feel slippery when wet and is easy to grip.

IMG_0845.JPGYou will need to purchase your own batteries for this brush. ( 4 AA ) This brush does cost $99 however I received mine for $37.97 including shipping using a discount code that I received from one of my favorite YouTubers. I would definitely recommend this brush for problematic skin. I know I may have lost you with the price but so far this brush is really amazing. I will be making a part 2 to this and share my experience using this brush after a certain amount of time.

Click Here To get more details about this brush & visit Vanity Planet directly.

* This is not sponsored. These are my personal opinions.


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