Social Media Kept Me In My Feelings

Social Media is the most popular way these days to keep up with the latest juice. We get the scoop on what our family, friends and even mutual friends have going on in their lives. Seeing this can sometimes cause us to become overwhelmed or even doubtful. I myself am guilty of this. I would start to evaluate my own life and look at where I am in life compared to others. Not saying this is a bad thing because its not! NOW I’m all about growth and it is important to evaluate certain areas of your life and set goals to strive for greater.  The problem however is when I started to look at someone’s life and compare it to my own in a negative way. Everyone has a different path and journey. You should never have the expectation that what worked for someone else will automatically work for you. I use to do this and it started to take a toll on me mentally and spiritually… It was time to Log off and let my mind breathe.

I should have not let Becky up street who just purchased a home, while i’m stuck sitting in my 1 bedroom apartment make me feel unaccomplished. I should have used Chelsea who always flashes a stack of $100 bills on Snap Chat, while I am sitting there with $20 in my checking account as motivation to get my coins up. I shouldn’t have allowed myself to feel any less beautiful because I would always see Abby who always looked on point in her photos. 

I used to forget that I cant believe everything I see. Everything on social media is not REAL. From Reality TV to main social media outlets.  A lot of these are nothing but a big fat illusion! I used to break myself down comparing myself to others. From talents, looks, body, attitude, personality, and other things along that line. Little did I realize that I was just holding myself back and dimming my own light. (which I will get deeper into another time) The same person I was admiring realistically has their own personal issues. On the outside they came off confident, strong, talented, and full of life but deep down is truly unhappy, not fulfilled with life and has their own self esteem issues. Things are not always as they seem and a lot of times we as people tend to forget that. All I was doing was feeding that spirit of insecurity. Now, does it make sense to allow ourselves feel less of a person when the things we are comparing ourselves to don’t truly exist or are really just false image…

We all can say that at some point social media drove us crazy and we were just over it. Whatever the reason I should have taken what I call “a social media cleanse”. I should have been more focused on me and my life instead of trying to keep up with meaningless things. Or following someone else’s journey making myself sad. I had to learn that filling myself with nothing but negativeness takes a huge toll on you and wore me out mentally. This I had to learn the hard way. Always be mindful of what you are putting into yourself. It is soo easy to get wrapped up into nonsense while on social media. Negativity is all over, up and down, and all around social media. Think of your mind as a bank. We all want positive funds right? So think the same of your mind. If you wouldn’t want your account negative so don’t negative your mind. Keep making deposits not withdrawals. 

I’m a 90’s baby. I remember being a kid and playing outside until the street lights came on. ( I know yal remember rushing home to beat the street lights) knocking on friends doors to see if their parents will let them come out and play. Or having to communicate through that one house phone. Of course social media has made it more convenient to keep and follow people. But really how close are you to those people. Not having all the advanced technology that we have today allowed us to use our imagination, be creative, learn to be more independent, and communicate/interact differently. Not saying these things don’t apply today but it is slightly different. I spent more time worrying about social media than keeping up and interacting directly with the people around me which hurt some relationships.  Instead of watching snaps, I should have taken that time to perfect my craft. Instead of scrolling down my news feed because i’m bored I should have taken some time to get some fresh air and admire my own beauty. Spend more time with my husband and my perfect little monster Torian. 

Alot has changed mentally. I do not regret anything that I went through OR put myself through because it is all part of the growing process. I still take my social media breaks now. Maybe for two days or a week. But for different reasons than why I use to. Usually when I do this I will log off of Snap Chat, Facebook, etc. This is not me saying I have everything figured out or my life is perfect. Its all about my mental and spiritual well being. I don’t get bothered by certain things like I used to because I have came to an understanding with myself. Social media is social media. Good or bad it will always be there. Believe it or not life is so much bigger than social media. 

 Keep Calm… Life Goes On

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