How I apply my Charcoal Peel-off Face Mask

Good skin care practices is a MUST for me! Having acne prone skin, I have to give my skin that extra TLC or it will have a fit. One major part of my healthy skin care routine is my face masks. Face masks are essential to healthy skin and puts in extra work that most facial cleansers and scrubs don’t or can’t. Facial masks have plenty of benefits such as moisturizing dry skin, calming oily skin, clearing out pores, correcting complexion and much more.

I happen to love my Exfoliating Charcoal Peel-off Mask. I ran across this mask in Burlington coat factory and I’m so happy I did. ( I love trying new products ) This was my first peel off mask so I was super excited to try it. When I first tried this mask I was a little thrown off by the texture. This product can also be a little messy to work with. It comes out thick but thins quickly. As you can see it very sticky.

FullSizeRender (1)  FullSizeRender (2)

What I have learned is that it is soo much easier to start with a little and build. I ALWAYS start with freshly washed skin. When applying this make sure you are applying thick and evenly. I like to pour a small amount and start with my chin. From my chin I like to go to my cheek then work my way around to the rest of my face.  


It feels really good while it is on your skin. It does gives off a slight tingling sensation. ( It will feel weird your first time) You defiantly feel it getting into your pores. As this dries it gets harder and your face gets tighter. ( don’t plan on eating while wearing this, its not gonna happen) When it has dried your face will be completely hard ( don’t watch anything funny while waiting for this to dry either) By this time if you can see and feel all the nasty stuff underneath that the mask has pulled out of your pores. When peeling this off I like to start at my chin and pull up. From experience I have noticed it pulls more junk from the pores. 


Once completely off you will see whiteheads, hair, or anything else that has been removed. My skin always feels so soft after this mask. Typically there may be small parts of the mask left behind. I just rinse my face with warm water to make sure the mask is all gone. Once its all gone I ALWAYS do a quick cold water rinse to close my pores then moisturize as normal. I recommend using no more than once a week. 

  • This is not a sponsored review

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