I Dyed My Natural Hair!

             I have been natural for almost a year now. I have always been skeptical of dyeing my hair because I know that I was taking a chance of damaging my hair.  I have been considering dyeing my hair for quite some time. I did my big chop in April 2016.

My hair has thrived so much and I have managed to maintain a lot of length within this year! One day I finally decided I was happy with the health of my hair and I was assured she was ready for some color!
8171-490-large I googled “the best hair dyes for natural hair” and out of the many I seen, I decided to go with CLAIROL TEXTURES & TONES permanent hair dye. This particular hair dye is dedicated to women of color. (Of course our hair texture will not take to just any dye) I usually like to do my research on a product unless I decide I want to go ahead and try something new. This product had pretty good reviews and I decided to go ahead and give it a try. I can be quite indecisive sometimes, so I sat in my local hair store for 15 minutes trying to decide what hair color to choose from ( No pressure… You will just be stuck with this hair color until it grows out!) I told myself that if I didn’t like the color I was not going to dye my hair again right away. I am very particular and I did not want to ruin the health of my hair by dyeing it a second time. ( Black is my emergency save color) I wanted to be sure this is the color I wanted. I ended up buying two different shades to get other’s opinions on the colors. Ultimately I decided to go with the honey blonde. My mom, who use to be a hairdresser did the work for me. ( You want to be sure you are careful if you decide to self dye)

              I did not think the color would take to my hair at first. My mom parted my hair in 4 sections and applied the dye to my ends. I only wanted my tips done. ( had to play it a little safe) I was so anxious and my heart was beating out of my chest. This was my first time dyeing my natural hair and I was so worried about the look of the color! In the beginning It did not seem like the color took to my hair. It definitely took about 25 minutes for me to see a change. When it finally started to change I was so excited and got more and more anxious for the color to get brighter. I sat with the dye in my hair for an hour to get the color where I wanted it. Remind you my hair was in four twists so I was not able to see all the color and how it looked all around my head. When I unraveled the twists I was SOOOO ecstatic! After I washed my hair ( the color rinsed out easy) the color looked great and it gave my natural hair that pop that I wanted.


March 20, 2017

                  I did wish however that I got more color to certain parts of my hair but I was still happy with the turnout. Since I have colored my hair my hair is still healthy as ever. My hair did not feel stripped nor did I lose my curl pattern. ( she’s   still bouncy and healthy) I did tweak my hair regimen to make sure my hair stays that way. Especially now since I have altered it chemically.  If you use this product be AWARE you may have to wait some time before you get the color you want. My first piece of advice is for you to decide if your hair if healthy and strong enough to take the dyeing process. ( The last thing you would want to do is damage your hair more) The health of your hair should come before length, color or anything else. Always make that your first priority! If you do decide to go through with it make sure you give your hair a lot of extra TLC!


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