I survived my Big Chop: You WILL too

Of course deciding to big chop is hard enough. It is a life changing decision & means a lot to the one wanting to big chop. I know for me this was a hard decision mentally and physically. I seen so many beautiful women who cut their hair and it grew back so luscious and long! I wanted the same! I was so tired of the relaxed, stringy, straight hair: that was not growing past a certain point. Every time I asked someone for their opinion( my biggest mistake) I always received a negative response. It was a simple answer. Of course you don’t cut off the dead unhealthy hair to let your natural beautiful texture have it’s way. Not only was I listening to negativeness around me, I was filing myself with negative as well. “Your head is too big, what are you gonna do with it, You need long hair, your forehead is shaped weird with no hair to cover it, you need bangs, I don’t want a fro, that isn’t going to look right on you” Looking back on it all I can do is shake my head. It was an easy decision, I decided not to chop it off and just transition my way to beautiful natural hair.

One day while styling my transitioning hair ( relaxed ends and natural hair growing out) which was such a pain, I picked up my scissors to clip some ends and I didn’t look back. It was snip snip from there and it didn’t stop lol. Next thing I knew my relaxed hair was laying in the sink. I literally had to stop and look at myself in the mirror to take in the fact that I had just cut all my hair off! I didn’t know what to do. I was happy, sad, relieved and embarrassed. I couldn’t believe what I had just done. It felt like a whole new world and I felt like a whole new me.

When I first washed it, it was the most amazing experience. No shedding, easy to de-tangle, I could actually feel my scalp ( all my fellow transitioners know the struggle of fighting with two textures),the product got through my whole head easy and it was so soft! The only problem was…. I had no curl pattern. I was really confused. Through the 8 months I transitioned I seen more of a curl pattern compared to when I finally cut the relaxed hair off. Sadly I didn’t realize the change my hair had to go through and failed to realize natural hair is literally a journey. I learned the hard way that the hair I was seeing growing in while I was transiting was not going to be my curl pattern right away after the relaxed ends were gone. This left me so discouraged! I had regretted cutting my hair at this point.

It took me a few days before I was comfortable enough to show my hair off to my family. There were a few people who encouraged me but that was literally a few. I remember the first time my little brother and sister saw my hair, they laughed at how short it was. –You can click the link to view my hair once I first did my big chop.– I remember being really upset about it. I wasn’t ashamed of being natural it was more so ashamed of the fact that my hair was so

My One Year Natural AnniversaryIMG_0535

short and nothing but a fro. I didn’t know what else to do with it so I remember deciding to put a curly weave in. My first weave being natural. I was not comfortable with my length and I was not going to wear it that short. We had a family gathering the same day my cousin braided my hair for me ( she did support my natural hair journey) and I decided to go ahead an wear a hat to cover the braids. My hair was so short I couldn’t even tuck or clip my braids back. They literally just sat there, not even touching my neck.  I remember telling everyone that day that I cut my hair off to go natural. The whole family was there so of course I got it in all ways. “why would you do that” “That’s crazy” “Your hair was so long, why would you cut it” ” That was stupid” and the list goes on.( To this day I still don’t know why they thought my natural hair looked nice** it makes me cringe thinking back) It sucked hearing that but hey what could I do. NOTHING my hair was gone! I remember staying calm about it but inside I felt really low.

It took me a while to finally embrace my beautiful God given texture. Next thing I knew month by month my hair was growing like crazy! I wore a lot of braids until my hair reached a length I could at least deal with. I was so impressed and happy! My hair had never grown this fast before. My curl pattern also started to show as my hair begin to get longer. (figures)

I encourage any one who is considering to big chop to go ahead and do it. Mine didn’t thrive to it’s fullest until I got rid of all that relaxed hair, which was just hindering my growth. No matter what stage you are in (TWA stage especially- because I believe this is the hardest stage), I encourage you to keep going! Push through and stay encouraged. Be sure to stay away from the creamy crack!!!!!!!!!!!! You will want to run back to it because its what we are use to but in the end it will not be worth it. It will not be easy but try to make the most out of each phase your hair goes through. Be confident, be you. Do not let any negative words get to you or keep you down. YOU are in control of your feelings and no one can MAKE you feel any less of a person but you. People are not always going to agree or approve of you choosing to cut your hair but its not their hair it’s yours so screw their opinion. From experience all the people who use to talk mess, laugh, or even joke about my short hair are now the ones telling me my hair is beautiful, long, healthy, and want my advice on how to help their hair grow. Not to mention my hair length has now passed most of theirs. This is not to brag it’s to show that you cannot let people’s judgement, opinions, and negative talk effect your decision. If you do you will NEVER know what you can become. If I would have listened to people’s opinions I would not be sharing this story with you today. If I would have listened to peoples negative opinion on natural hair I definitely would have never known my hair was capable of being so beautiful, bold, strong, free, and most importantly curly.

Hair Tip 1: Don’t try to keep it, cut off all the relaxed hair and start fresh. You will feel so much better when you do =)

Hair Tip 2: Do not compare your hair texture to anyone else’s, you will most likely break your own heart. Learn to love and enjoy your hair for all that it is.

I pray for Peace, growth and prosperity over you & your hair. If you have any additional questions regarding my natural hair or yours feel free to send me an email. 

I survived my big chop… You WILL too


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