Head Wraps: How to stop a bad hair day in it’s tracks

Do you have days where your hair is just not laying right, your bun is not filling out the way you want it too, you are running late, or just having a day where you want something new or bold? If you said yes to any of these I’m going to share with you how I survive days like these. I call these hair hiccups. When I have days like this I always have a back up plan. What is this back up plan you ask? I call it my go to “Lazy Day Style”, “Easy Day Style“, “Quick Style”, etc. depending on how me and my hair are getting along that day. Or depending on how I’m feeling that day.


I used my head wrap to achieve this look. I love this style because it’s easy to do and super cute. You can have fun with this style and dress it up or down. I like to top my look off with a bold lip and my ghetto hoops lol. You can spice it up and slick your edges, baby hairs, etc. You can cover all of your hair or you can leave your edges out like I did. The possibilities with head scarfs are endless. There are so many different designs, colors, shapes, sizes, and many ways to wear them. You should never get bored.

When I do this with wraps that are cotton I like to make sure I moisturizer my hair. (Because cotton can be drying) Your favorite moisturizer or oil will do. I like to pull all my hair up into a loose pineapple then tie the scarf around. There are different ways you can tie your head scarf. You can google different techniques to find what works best for you.

Super cute, super easy. This is a simple quick style that you can really make into your own: in under 5 minutes. Perfect for stopping a bad hair day in it’s tracks.

-featured image from Google-


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