How to Deal with bad situations

life is unpredictable and we can never anticipate what will happen next. Things happen and change consistently. Most of the time it hits us hard and out of nowhere. Life’s unpredictable. Coming from someone who has been getting my ass kicked by life I have recently learned so much about me and the people in my life. I have learned some tips to help me get through these unexpected times.

Think before you react: the last thing you want to do is make a bad situation worse by reacting in a way you wouldn’t normally react. You want to make sure you are thinking clearly before you react to the situation or you may regret is later. Evaluate the situation. Take a few minutes to breathe, evaluate, and then react.

Ask for help:   If you are like me you don’t like people all in your juice(business)! I don’t like people to know everything that’s going on with me, especially the not so good situations which people like to hear the most. While evaluating the situation think about if you need to reach out to someone for help. Whether its reaching out just to talk or actually needing something from someone to help you solve the situation. Find the RIGHT person to go to to help you get through. I know this may be hard for some but you have to drop your pride and ask for help if you need it. ( you want to make sure the person you confide in is mature and reliable)

Don’t sulk: Of course depending on the severity of the situation you will need time to get yourself together. I recently learned if you do not take control of your mind it will take control of you. You ABSOLUTELY have to take control of your yourself. It’s most important!! You don’t want to be that person always sad or walking around looking depressed. This type of attitude is a choice. Of course take some time to be sad, cry, or feel  however you need to feel. Take time but not too much time. Soon after the hurting stage you should be in the recovery stage. You should be pulling yourself together right about now an getting your life back on track. Acceptance and moving on is huge in the recovery stage. Following the recovery stage you should be in a better mental space. Of course you may still be dealing with the after effects of the situation, however you should be on top of the situation and the situation should not be on top of you.

Life goes on: Think about the popular saying “this too shall pass” I know it sounds so cliche but it’s soo true. Remember that this situation and everything you are feeling is temporary. Temporary feelings, hurt, anger, loneliness, whatever it is it’s only temporary. You have to understand that life goes on this situation is just going to be one of many that comes your way. You should learn, accept, & keep moving forward.

Encourage yourself: This next one is simple and sweet. If no one else is gonna encourage you, you have to encourage yourself. Tell yourself that you are strong, that you will get through this, that your not weak and this situation will not get the best of you. Talk to people that are encouraging, listen to motivational videos, distance yourself, listen to music, find a new hobby etc do whatever you need to do to encourage yourself and help take your mind off the madness.

Pray: This one is the most important. You should always stay connected to God but definitely turn to him during these hard times. Trust and have faith in him an he will open doors for you. Pray for strength, courage, and wisdom to get through the this rough time. He will show up and show out for you.

Again of course depending on the situation the healing process will very. But you can apply these tips to every situation. My dad always says ” This is the hand you were dealt, you have to play it well” One day after you come out of this situation bigger and better you will look back at the situation and say wow I made it through. Get excited thinking about whats going to come after the rain. Always stay encouraged and remember after the rain comes the sunshine. 💋


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