Who Said Eyebrows Don’t Matter?

Have you ever felt incomplete because your brows were not done, then after you get them done your face looked brand new and you felt relieved?  Im sure at some point all women have felt like this. If anyone has told you eyebrows don’t matter, that’s not true.  Eyebrows in my opinion are one of your most important facial features. Majority of the time when someone looks at you the first thing they notice is your eyebrows. After all brows do shape your face. This is one of the first things people look at- whether your eyebrows are perfectly arched or look like scruffy patches, it can make or break your face.

The great thing about individuality is that your eyebrows are a reflection of YOU. Whether you have sassy, crisp, or bold brows; it’s all about your personality and what compliments your face. Plus when your brows are done & looking good, you feel good.

Below are some examples of my favorite eyebrow looks.




As you can see each picture represents individuality. You can also see how their brows contribute to the overall look of their face. Who thought that something as simple as eyebrows could make such a big difference.

There are different ways to achieve perfect brows. I personally like to get mine threaded but you can get them waxed, threaded, tweezed and more. Its important to try out the different Im sure at some point all women have felt like this. so you can learn what works for you.





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